Fundamentals for the Future of Great Online Marketing

Online marketing is the process of using digital channels such as the internet, mobile phone and emails to engage; connect and promote your products and services to your target market. Here you can read more about the online marketing concept. Now that we know the basics of the concept of online marketing and how it works, what would be the fundamentals for the future of great online marketing?


Everyone knows the Internet has turned marketing and advertising upside down. Suddenly, the results of your promotions could be measured, and niche online channels (from blogs to Google ads) became the media of choice for many businesses.

Imagine a tool available to business owners that’s so intuitive it almost guarantees a return you can’t begin to imagine at such a low cost that’s never been heard of or possible before…

Sounds hard to believe right? Believe it! This is where online marketing is heading and you best keep an eye out…

Tim Berners-Lee (One of the guys who invented the world wide web) spoke back in 2009 about websites and linked data. Read More…

But the content of your ads and promotions has also had to change. Prospects expect to find information on your products and services online. Instead of hype-filled commercials and pretty pictures, companies are expected to provide more details about their products and services, and how customers can get the most out of them.

The good news is that this shift to “content marketing” creates unlimited new opportunities for you to engage customers and prospects in content that promotes customer engagement and brand loyalty. The bad news is that you now have to be expert at telling stories.

Here are some good articles on How to learn storytelling:

Just four months ago, Facebook launched headfirst into the world of active content marketing with Facebook Stories, a website that showcases unique ways people across the globe use the social networking site. The engaging new channel also offers a rich source of data, featuring infographics and interactive data visualizations.

While you might not be able to do everything that Facebook does, there are lessons we can all learn from the mega-brand: Facebook Stories is a rich experiment in showcasing a story-driven content marketing strategy. What the site does well, it does very well. So, what exactly can content marketers learn? Read More…

Many people struggle with writing and they’re not sure why. “I can talk, can’t I?” they say. “So why is writing so difficult?”

Writing and speaking are two very different cognitive processes. And I’ll tell you why writing is more difficult: because writing is much closer to thinking.  And it is very difficult to think clearly. When you see your own words, when you are face to face with your own thoughts, you have to ask yourself, “is that what I really mean?” Read more…

How do you maximize customer engagement with content marketing? On, nine savvy business owners belonging to the Young Entrepreneur Council were recently asked the best ways to make their business articles more attractive, clickable and share-worthy — as befits top online content. Here are a few of their responses:

1. Evoke Emotion: “A good blog post or article should satisfy two entirely different requirements: it should provide valuable information and it should evoke an emotion,” wrote Fabian Kaempfer of Chocomize, a producer of custom-made chocolate bars. “Go ahead and tug at their heart strings.”

2. Forget over-witty, obscure or insider titles: Kelsey Meyer of PR agency Influence & Co. recalled writing an article for Forbes with the title “Why Leaders Must Be Readers.” As writing professional, she cringed at the cheesiness of that title — but she says the story went on to garner more than 20,000 views, “because it was obvious what the article was about.” She says true engagement comes when people know what to expect from what they’re about to read, “And when they immediately know why friends or colleagues shared it with them.”

3. Lists work! Andy Karuza of online promotion firm Brandbuddee notes that many successful articles order their content with numbered ideas, e.g., “Nine ways to make your next business article go viral” (the title of the story). “People want information broken down for them,” says Karuza. “The faster they can understand it, the more likely they are to share it.”

4. Toss in memorable surprises: It’s understood that content marketing should be useful to readers — giving them practical, tangible knowledge and advice that they can put to use right away. But that doesn’t mean you have to be dull or predictable. Offer unexpected Information, says Robert J. Moore of RJMetrics, an online analytics firm.  ”Whether it’s insight buried deep within a data set or a case study with an unusual outcome, posts that defy people’s expectations are more likely to be shared and tweeted about.”

5. Make it happen: Once your message is the best it can be, you also have to provide the rocket fuel to send your articles into viral orbit. Corey Blake of Round Table Companies, a content-creation company, says you have to get your articles into the hands of key people “who are going to be able to help tip it over into the world of massive sharing.” Don’t be afraid to ask these influencers for help, says Blake: “Going viral isn’t something that happens to you; it’s an active state of promotion in search of that tipping point.”


Like a sports team that “loses” its way, sometimes it is better to return to the fundamentals of online marketing that have been proven effective over years. You should start by breaking down your business model and review how well it is achieving its goals and objectives, examine your website’s content and functionality, its branding and product positioning. Be critical.  That being said, I have compiled a list of sites and videos to help you reexamine your efforts and address the weakness in your online marketing efforts.

Understanding your business in the context of its industry and comparing it to the competitive landscape is an essential part of deciding how you’re going to proceed with an online marketing strategy. Take a good look at your industry’s landscape, and do some research to find out what’s happening. Read more…

Optimizing your business online is absolutely critical if you want growth.   Our team at Digital Traffic Squad takes a unique approach to helping businesses take advantage of all the cool ways to market your business online (and offline).   We follow a very specific framework before we actually “Prescribe” any optimization plan. Read more…

There are hundreds of things to think about when starting a new website or trying to improve on an aged one. You have everything from url structures and crawl paths for the search engines to where to place your newsletter and landing pages for external campaigns. Read more…

Operating without a marketing plan is like taking a trip without a map. Putting jokes about all men asking for directions aside, I am still surprised, after all my years as a corporate marketer, at the vast number of organizations that fail to develop and implement a marketing plan. Such a plan gives purpose and a destination for a company’s venture. More often than not, companies concentrate their efforts on setting lofty goals but have no specific plan of action. Read more…

I have always said it is good to study what the competition is doing because i feel it helps you avoid some mistakes you could easily make and if you are new to the business, it helps you understand how things work. As long as your business has a positive purpose and your true intention is to help people enjoy their lives in a healthy way, you will become successful.

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