The Many Complex Layers of Online Marketing – Why Active Promotion, Outreach and Engagement Matters

There is a saying that great minds think alike. Regardless of the industry, the most successful entrepreneurs in any given sector share some common characteristics that are key components for achievement in a business environment. This includes an unshakable desire to succeed, being goal-driven and having a clear roadmap on how you plan to get your business from point A to point B.

While you can’t exactly swap brains with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, the next best thing you can do is find out more about who they are in an effort to emulate them or form a working relationship that benefits both parties.

Social Media as a Business Tool

Information and forming connections are among two of the biggest factors that catapult a company to long-term success. In this day and age of digital communication, social media is considered the kingpin of inbound marketing. It is the hub from which new connections can be formed through mutual professional interests. It is also a platform for both B2C and B2B engagement where an initial outreach has the potential for developing into a long-term business relationship.

While social networks are an invaluable networking resource, it is only one slice of the marketing pie. Your business also needs access to raw numbers and statistics from enterprises within your industry, especially from the ones that have already achieved a certain degree of recognition and brand authority that you hope to one day reach.

Having a Bird’s Eye View of Your Industry

Rather than scouring the Web for hours on end and bookmarking every relevant page you find, this is an endeavor that is best left to a third-party company. Such agencies will perform the nitty-gritty aspect of research and present the following information at your disposal:

Comprehensive Chart

This should be a graph or some form of easy-to-read infographic of companies within your industry that have reached a specific revenue milestone. This will provide a more complete view of your industry and help you identify competitors, potential partners and the behavior of your consumer demographic.

Executive Contact List

Most businesses have a company representative that acts as a middleman between you and the higher-ups. If you can bypass the middle guy and forge a relationship directly with the company executive, the better it is for you.

Executive Biographies

Every person that has made it to the top of the ladder of their business has a story to tell. Access to the executive/CEO’s biography is valuable information because once you know their full background, education and work history, you can identify him or her as a person and not just a name and face attached to a brand.

Find New Contacts

It’s no secret that the size of a company’s network is strongly correlated with its success. With a comprehensive database, you can find and establish new contacts by visiting the company’s LinkedIn page or request to speak directly with an executive to discuss a proposal.

Online marketing is an integrated approach where each piece of the jigsaw puzzle needs to be in place for the campaign as a whole to succeed. Factors like social media, SEO, email marketing and PPC are all parts to a bigger equation. You also need raw data organized into a readable report. Companies like The Official Board, Brand Watch and Woorank are examples of sites that provide an in-depth analysis of your industry and market.

The Official Board

With The Official Board, you have direct access to a chart that highlights the most successful corporations that have raked in over $100 million in revenue. This includes enterprises like Facebook where you can look up Mark Zuckerberg’s profile as well as obtain a listing of associates serving under him.

Brand Watch

With Brand Watch, you get a social media monitoring platform with its own propriety crawling technology that collects data around the clock from every major social network. The data is then presented to you in a comprehensive report that covers what’s trending in your niche and what type of content is being shared.


For Woorank users, they can expect a full analytics with key performance indicator monitoring. This includes a competitive analysis report to gauge where you stand against your competitors as well as reports for refining your SEO, social media and mobile optimization campaign.

There is no aspect of running a business more cutthroat than marketing. In a saturated industry, having strong connections, authority and a visible brand are what will keep you ahead of the competition.