Digital Marketing – Definition

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The digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in the digital media. All technical off-line world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world. In the digital realm new tools such as immediacy, the new networks that arise every day, and the possibility of actual measurements of each of the strategies employed appear. Two instances are known:

Web 1.0 (The first is based on the web 1.0, which is no different from using traditional media. Its greatest feature is the impossibility of communication and exposure of users. Only the company has control of what is published on itself).

Web 2.0 With the web 2.0 comes the ability to easily share information through social networks and new information technologies that allow almost instantaneous exchange of parts that were previously impossible, such as videos, graphics, etc. You start to use the Internet not only as a means to search for information but as a community, where there is constant feedback relations with users from around the world.

In this new area the second instance of developed digital marketing as users can freely talk about the brand. They have a very important power that was previously only allowed the media: opinion.

Marketing techniques must then change your paradigm. If before distributors, media, and producers were those who had the power of opinion, now the focus must change the user. This is able to find what they want through the power of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and not only ask the media given if your decision is right, it also has the ability to read reviews, comments and ratings of other users.

That’s why a digital strategy should include all relevant spaces where the target interact, seeking to influence opinions and opinionated, improve the results of search engines and analyzing the information that these media provide to optimize the performance of the actions taken . The digital marketing is the set design, creativity, profitability and always looking for a ROI analysis.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising campaigns grow every year unlike traditional media. These campaigns are characterized by almost immediate results.

The online advertising on Google has several advantages:

  • It pays for each click that is made on the ad.
  • The customer decides your daily budget.
  • geographic and language targeting.
  • 100% measurable results.

1.- Google Adwords

It is necessary for each company to create a campaign that is commensurate to their services and products.

2.- Landing Page

When a user clicks on the ad is directed to a Landing Page . These improve performance, better optimizing investment and achieving better results. These Landings have a design according to each of their campaigns to the best result for the client.

3.- Reports

The amount of clicks on each of your ads, the average cost, the position of your ads and visits from Adwords .